There is only good mother, I was no exception. Mom has a white face, a pair of round eyes, a black head of hair. Mother's love is selfless dedication.  Mother every year in the winter are to weave


Today is the second Sunday in May, is mother's day, early in the morning, I lay in bed tossing and turning, brooding, "usually are mother meticulous care me, care about me, but I sometimes ma


The earth is our home, the environment is closely related to our life. Humans consume enormous amounts of water resources and environmental pollution, have a beautiful earth destroyed not decent. Wate


At present, the humanity's common mother - the earth, she for us, even his ill have no complaint, and we also - should take care of mother?  As long as you to the earth mother's blood - stream


The classmates, you might think a little convenience bag, no pollution, this you are wrong. A small convenience bag can also be water pollution.  In every household in baicheng almost a year in more t


Dear Sara,  I’m glad to receive your letter. Thanks for your caring for the weather and my health. Now I’d like to tell you something about the smog in Jiangxi.  Up to now, the smog has oc

my home英语作文带翻译

In the east of China, there is a small city---Haimen. I was born there. Today, I am telling you about my hometown. Haimen is not far from Shanghai. It’s at the mouth of the Changjiang River. Hai

my holiday英语作文带翻译

Oh! It was winter holiday. I was very happy. I read my favourite books. I have many wonderful books. But I could not read these books too much. I also had a lot of homework to do. I like playing compu


I had a summer holiday from Jule to August.I was very happy ,because I could da many kinds of things.  我有一个从六月到八月暑假。我很高兴,因为我能做许多事情。  I went to the beach and I swam in the sea.I called my friend and pl


每个人都有自己的梦想,在我心里也有一个梦想,它深深地埋藏着、孕育着,在我心里生根、发芽。  Everyone has their own dreams, in my heart also has a dream, it is deeply buried, breeding, rooting, germination in my heart.  每当我看到老师在讲台上课时,我都觉得当老师是多么神气啊


我们人类生活在地球上,地球上有许多东西需要我们保护,但是我们却没有在意。  We live on the earth, the earth there are many things we need protection, but we didn't care.  有些人不珍惜地球赐予我们的一切,例如人们乱砍乱伐,大量使用一次性筷子和乱扔塑料袋,制造白色垃圾等已经给大自然带来了许多环境问题

二年级关于雾霾英语作文 Fog and haze

最近几天像仙境一般,那是因为雾霾,雾霾我一开始以为是普通的雾,可并不是,雾霾和雾的区别就是雾霾有毒,而雾没有毒。  In recent days, like a fairyland in general, it is because the haze, haze I thought it was a normal fog, can not, the difference between haze


保护环境,是我们大家应尽的义务,是我们大家应尽的责任。  Protect environment, it is our obligation, is our duty.  今天,我漫无目的地走在公园里,忽然我停下脚步,发现了两个六七岁的小朋友,一男一女,一大一小,长得十分清秀。他们手里拿着一些易碎的长方形砖块,在空地上乱扔,十分不文明。  Today, I aimlessly walking in


地球是我们的家园,我们应该保护地球。现在有的地区已经出现了泥石流、台风、森林火灾、小河污染、臭氧层破坏、空气污染……我们已经不断遭受来自大自然的惩罚。  The earth is our home, we should protect the earth. Now in some areas there have been landslides, typhoons, f


the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar year is an important day for the chinese people. the day is called duan wu festival, or dragon boat festival, celebrated everywhere in china.  每年的农历第五个月的第五天对中


大家好!我叫***,在师范附属小学四年一班上学,今年十岁了。我个子不高,眼睛小了点儿,不过很有神,别人都夸我眉毛长得好看,黑黑的,弯弯的,确实给我的脸蛋增添了几分色彩。对了,我还长着一张小小的嘴,这要是女孩子,就用樱桃小嘴来形容就再恰当不过了。  Everybody is good! My name is * * *, in the normal affiliated elementary sch


As is shown in the picture, two men had a big dinner in a restaurant, but much of the food was left and some was even untouched at all. When the waitress asked them to pack the remaining food, they fe


We are middle school students and we are busy with our lessons. So some people think we should concentrate more on our studies. If we volunteer to help others, it’s a waste of time. But I think


During the 15 days from New Year’s Eve to Lantern Festival, Beijing was affected by smog for more than half the time, because of which people suffered a lot. On the road people drove slowly beca


Good morning! My name is Somiar, and my Chinese name is Lu Ziyan. I’m from the Second Experiment Primary School in Jinyun. I study in Class 3, Grade 5. I like my teachers and classmates. And I l



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