As is shown in the picture, two men had a big dinner in a restaurant, but much of the food was left and some was even untouched at all. When the waitress asked them to pack the remaining food, they fe


We are middle school students and we are busy with our lessons. So some people think we should concentrate more on our studies. If we volunteer to help others, it’s a waste of time. But I think


During the 15 days from New Year’s Eve to Lantern Festival, Beijing was affected by smog for more than half the time, because of which people suffered a lot. On the road people drove slowly beca


Good morning! My name is Somiar, and my Chinese name is Lu Ziyan. I’m from the Second Experiment Primary School in Jinyun. I study in Class 3, Grade 5. I like my teachers and classmates. And I l


每年农历五月初五为端午节,你们知道它的来历吗?让我给你们讲一讲。  Every May in Chinese lunar calendar is Dragon Boat Festival, you know the background of it? Let me speak for you.  从前,有一个爱国诗人屈原,有一次,他进京去办事,看到国家变的非常衰败,就投汩罗江自杀了。临死前,他还写

小学生介绍母亲节英语作文Mothers Day

这个星期的周日是母亲节,在这个温馨的日子里,我该如何表达对母亲的敬意呢?  This Sunday is mother's day, in this warm day, how can I express to pay tribute to the mother?  我以前觉得妈妈含辛茹苦地养大我不容易,因此我都是把高兴的事情告诉她,不高兴的事情自己藏在心里。但渐渐地,我对亲情有了新的认识

二年级关于母亲节的英语作文Mothers Day

我的妈妈温柔的时候,简直就是一个高贵美丽的公主。但是一凶起来,比巫婆还有恐怖一百倍,跟母老虎不相上下。这时候,我的皮就要绷紧一点,别惹到她,乖乖的躲起来,免得遭殃。  When my mother was a gentle, noble and beautiful princess. But the evil, than a witch and horror one hundred times,


Orginate in America in the Mothers Festival. May 9,1906, American consuming city Jia-Wei the mother misfortune of silk dies , her grief extremely. Avoid Japan in annual mother death anniversary, Miss


we have asked some people about what they think of having classes in holidays. some teachers who think we shouldn’t have classes in holidays hold the idea that teachers and students are tired an

小学二年级英语作文:my house

I'm now living in a small house with my parents. Life for us is hard but happy. I must study hard so that I can buy a big new house some day. I call it a dream house.  我现在住在一个小房子和我的父母。我们的生活是艰难而开心。

小学二年级英语作文 my father

My father is a tall man with a pair of glasses. Everyone says he is a kind-hearted man. He often helps his neighbours and some strangers whom he doesn''t know at all. He has really done a lot

二年级英语作文:我的爱好my hobby

我的爱好有很多,但是其中画画是我的最爱。  I have many hobbies, but the painting is my favorite.  今天是星期一,我们盼来了期待已久的美术课。上课时,老师先在黑板上慢慢地画了几朵花。然后就仔细地给我们讲解。我痴迷地看着画,直到同学用脚故意踩了我一脚,我才惊醒。老师把纸发下来,我津津有味地画着,画了许多花,有玫瑰花,郁金香,荷花。。。。。。我陶醉


大家好,我叫周原,是个小学生,在上二年级。我的皮肤白白的,圆圆的脸上长着一双明亮的大眼睛。  Hello everyone, my name is Zhou Yuan, is a primary school student in grade two. My skin is white, has a pair of bright eyes round face.  我是个爱好多的小男孩,比如说画画


我热爱地球,热爱我们赖以生存的家园。爱她的青山绿水,爱她的碧草蓝天……  I love the earth, love for our homeland. Love her beautiful country scene, love her green to the sky......  在四野飘香的花丛中,我和蝶儿一起嬉戏、欢笑;在郁郁葱葱的森林里,我与小鸟一起追逐、


我是新上海人,我的祖籍是湖南。和上海不同的是,我的家乡有号称八百里的洞庭湖、有连绵起伏的群山、有湘资沅澧等四条奔腾不息的大江;还有神秘传奇的桃花源、风景如画的张家界、闻名中外的岳阳楼。我的家乡物产丰富,湘绣、瓷器、莲藕、茶叶是湖南的特产。  I'm new in Shanghai, my ancestral home is in Hunan. And Shanghai, my hometo


Recently,haze weather has become a daily one right here in large part of China.People are forced to wear the mask to avoid breathing poisonous air.So it is necessary to find out the reason why leads t


For a nation's dream, we start from the 1840 sea surface; to a constant pursuit, we deep in the years to write a glorious. In global view shows choice of the Chinese road of national rejuvenation;


As we all know,the environment around us is getting worse and worse.In some places we can't see fish swimming in the river or trees on the hills.Some people even have no clean water to drink.We sh


Christmas is one of the most important celebrations of the year for the western countries. It falls on the twenty- fifth of December and has the same importance as Chinese New Year to people with Engl


Nature, the environment which human beings live by, is magnificent and unique. There si only one earth with super living conditions in the universe. We should have cherished nature and preserved it. C



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